Welcome to the official website of the Bergamasco Club UK. The Bergamasco is extremely rare across the whole world so it is with pride that we, through the Club, are able to give information to others on our wonderful breed.
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You will find, through the pages of this website, information on how we are organised and where we can help not only those who have Bergamascos but also those who have their interests at heart.

The mission of the club is to develop and maintain the breed to a high standard and to ensure that its wonderful temperament is at the forefront of all breeding. For centuries the Bergamasco has been bred for its temperament and strong herding characteristics.   Although no longer used, in the main, to herd sheep, it nevertheless uses these inherent qualities to look after its owner and the family.

The unusual coat is a feature of this breed making it very distinctive in any crowd and ongoing help with this and any other aspect of the dog, from puppyhood to old age, is given by the Club to all of its members.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and we would encourage any member who feels that they can add to the information we supply to please let us know. This is not a Club that will stand still but one which we hope will develop and grow in stature.